Social Sciences

Social Science 

The Social Sciences learning area is about how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens. Contexts are drawn from the past, present, and future and from places within and beyond Aotearoa New Zealand.

Through the Social Sciences, students develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to: better understand, participate in, and contribute to the local, national, and global communities in which they live and work; engage critically with societal issues; and evaluate the sustainability of alternative social, economic, political, and environmental practices.

Students explore the unique bicultural nature of Aotearoa New Zealand society that derives from the Treaty of Waitangi. They learn about people, places, cultures, histories, and the economic world, within and beyond New Zealand. They develop understandings about how societies are organised and function and how the ways in which people and communities respond are shaped by different perspectives, values, and viewpoints. As they explore how others see themselves, students clarify their own identities in relation to their particular heritages and contexts.

Junior Programme

Year 9 and 10 students study an integrated program of Social Studies and Religious Education (SRE).  Learning occurs in a digital and innovative learning environment. Students undertake investigations of issues which integrate Social Studies and Religious Education content and concepts. SRE aims to inspire curiosity about the world and develop our students to be agents of change for a better future.

 Senior options

In the Senior School, SRE separates into Religious Education and Social Science. Studying at least one Social Science subject supports students to apply their SRE learning in more specific areas of their own interest.  Our students engage with their community, undertake fieldtrips to broaden their worldview and grow in their sense of identity through investigative inquiry.  A Social Science learner is a critiquer, a thinker and a do’er!

There are a range of Social Science subjects which students may choose as option subjects. SRE leads into Geography, History and Social Studies. Students can also study Commerce subjects of Accounting, Economics and Business Studies. At Level 2- Psychology, Classical Studies, Employment Skills, Tourism, Childcare and Development are added as options. 


Whilst continuity of subjects is advantageous, there are no prerequisites for Social Science subjects and students can move between Social Science disciplines throughout their senior years

Courses in this Learning Area