Sacred Heart Girls' College, Hamilton

To all Student Learners of Sacred Heart Girls’ College,


Ignite the Passion: inspiring our young women to change the world – me aro ki te hā o Hineahuone!


Our Vision for our students, who will venture ‘beyond the school gates’ within the next 3 years, is deeply connected to our Mission Charism, and the desire to uncover natural potential, inspire a passion and contribute to the formation of young women who can, should and will change the world! In the 21st century, this is a world where uncertainty and complexity influence beliefs and values as well as the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to thrive in such a world. Therefore, in an ever-changing world, the most advantaged are those who are literate and numerate, as well as those who can learn, unlearn, and relearn.


If you have arrived at this page, then you are probably giving some consideration to your senior years of learning and we hope you have come to the realisation that a growth mind-set and a commitment to developing your learning power, has a direct impact on your overall success, both at school and ‘beyond the school gates’. 


NCEA is a very important national qualification. It is a ‘gateway’ to a variety of pathways within school and beyond and we value the position it holds as part of New Zealand’s national qualification framework. It is an effective system that has always intended to be flexible, adaptable and student-centred. It is always our intention to make the system work for all our students.


Therefore, as you make choices around your learning, remember that we all learn most powerfully and deeply when relationships are strong and when learning is:

  • meaningful and challenging 
  • cooperative and collaborative
  • cognitively and emotionally engaging


It is also important to seek advice and talk to people who can assist you with your choices. Your CCM Companion, subject teachers, parents and friends are all good advisers. 


Choose what you enjoy and enjoy what you choose ... never stop learning, because life never stops teaching!


Noho ora mai.

Catherine Gunn