The Arts


Students at Year 10 take two Art options, each running for a 6 months course.


Year 11 - 13 students can select multiple Art options, each running a full year course.


Music is a fundamental form of expression, both personal and cultural. Areas that are covered include Music history, composition, technology and performance. On your chosen instrument, you will be expected to perform in front of an audience both as a soloist and as part of a group.


The Drama programme develops students confidence, reflective thinking, performance and presentation skills. Through Drama students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others. It encourages students to be collaborative and efficient communicators, it nurtures creativity. Students’ will build and develop knowledge about drama aspects such as; Elements, Techniques, Conventions and Technologies to create and perform dramas.

During the year, they will create several performances, some self-devised, others worked from a script. Students will view live theatre in preparation for an external exam and learn to think critically about what they see. Some standards offered are able to provide literacy credits. Drama is able to be taken throughout all senior years, including Scholarship. Drama is a university approved subject which will develop students' core soft skills.


The Dance programme includes a range of creative and responsive aspects in addition to the practical and technical components. They will learn the elements and devices of dance to broaden their movement vocabulary and will have the opportunity to explore and develop choreography and performance skills through a variety of genres. A range of skills associated with viewing and responding to dance performance will also be introduced.

Research has shown Dance empowers students and brings improvement to personal and psychological well-being. Dance will develop confidence in the individual and their ability to work as part of a group.  Dance can be taken right through the senior levels of study, including Scholarship. Dance is a university approved subject and many universities offer continued study.

Visual Arts

The emphasis is on a course of practical study. This offers exploration of a variety of fields, media and techniques.  These include drawing, painting, design, photography, printmaking and mixed media. The visual environment is used as a basis for students to develop perceptual awareness, creative imagination and personal style, develop skills with facility and to think creatively. Visual Art splits into Practical Art, Design and Photography at senior level.