Students at Year 10 take two Technology options, each running for 6 months

Year 11 to 13 can select multiple Technology options, each running a full year course.

Food Technology - Year 10

Food Technology explores the entire process of why, what and how we do things.

Students work on projects, where they are asked to identify real opportunities and needs, come up with viable solutions, choose the most appropriate, and then create that solution. Students learn to work with others, to show initiative, to be creative and to find compromise when required.

Catering and Hospitality - Year 11 to 13

Catering and Hospitality offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and extend their skills within hospitality and catering vocational context. It is a suitable qualification for those who want a broad background in this area and for those who wish to progress further education or the world of work. It is expected that students be involved in competition work and catering for events.

Digital Technology

Students will develop transferable skills and knowledge such as problem solving and design alongside the more specific Digital Technology skills and knowledge. Throughout the programme a range of areas will be covered such as design, planning, app development, programming and media. We also use the maker space area to design and develop outcomes.

Design and Visual Communication

Students will focus on visual literacy and creative thinking. They will analyse design ideas and make informed decisions in order to produce ideas relating to a design brief. This design brief will be centred around a specific design context; product, spatial, architectural or landscape design. Effective visual communication techniques such as, freehand, instrumental and digital application of 2D and 3D design ideas will apply.

Fashion and Design - Year 10

Students will learn a comprehensive range of textile manipulation techniques, machine skills and design. This will produce a useable outcome.

Fashion and Design - Year 11 to 13

The Fashion and Design course allows students to further develop skills in Technology. This includes design thinking, aesthetics and textile techniques, and adapting of commercial patterns. Students will development products influenced by fashion designers, with exposure to fashion illustration and prototyping.