Level 1 Photography & Design

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr K. Yuris

Internal Credits:  10            External Credits:  12

The emphasis is on a course of practical study exploring digital photography and design. This course is suitable for students who have not previously taken Art and can lead into both Level 2 and Level 3 Photography and Design. This will be an exciting journey exploring various conventions within these two fields of practice.  Students will learn to use a camera to express themselves and use their images as a resource base for exploration of design ideas. The creative, expressive and technical skills developed in this programme will be directly beneficial for future Art options.


$40 and extra print credit. Students must have their own digital SLR camera (Talk to the Art teacher)


There are no Pre-requisites for entry into this course. This is a wonderful opportunity for students who wish to develop practical skills in digital photography and design. This course will lead into Level 2 Design and Photography.



NB: All courses offered are subject to viable class numbers and staff availability.

Any Credits and Standards listed on courses are only a guideline.

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