Year 10 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms L. Jamieson

Music studies help develop language and reasoning, imagination and intellectual curiosity. Instrumental tuition teaches self discipline. The new economy has created more artistic careers and Music study helps prepare students to work collaboratively and creatively in the 21st workforce. You will grow in self awareness and self confidence and learn to take risks in a safe environment. You will be encouraged to pursue your avenues of strength in Composition and Performance but will also be offered the opportunity to broaden your musical horizons by participating in school Music ensembles, taking advantage of lessons in the Itinerant Music Scheme, strengthening interpersonal skills through group performance and exploring different vehicles for Composition. Theoretical skills are encouraged with the opportunity to sit external Grade examinations for these.

Performance: Students are offered opportunities to perform both individually and as soloists throughout the year e.g. Smoke Free Rock Quest, High Achievers, Year 10 Concert Evening. Students with advanced skills may be offered the opportunity to sit NCEA Performance Achievement Standards.

Composition: Students have the opportunity to work collaboratively or individually on composition projects throughout the year, including songwriting, electronic/computer based work or instrumental pieces. Students are encouraged to enter competitions such as ‘Hook, Line & Sing-a-long”, “Play It Strange” & “Caritas: Song For Justice”.

Materials of Music: Students will investigate and learn to recognise Music elements and conventions in both Classical and Contemporary Music. Students will study and analyse a prescribed set work and it’s score. 


It is expected that students will have completed the year 9 rotation. Students who have had a year's tuition on an instrument (voice is an instrument) or are already writing music of their own (songs or using a DAW such as Garageband, Soundtrap etc) either privately or through the itinerant scheme at school, will be advantaged.



NB: All courses offered are subject to viable class numbers and staff availability.

Any Credits and Standards listed on courses are only a guideline.

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