Level 1 Spanish

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Pelham-Waerea

Internal Credits:  9-10 (choose 2 of 3 internals available)            External Credits:  10

This course aims to allow already competent language students to work from Level 1-6 of the NZ Curriculum in one year in order to gain Level 1 Spanish. Topics around familiar contexts such as self-descriptions, family, home, school, travel and holidays, and free time form the basis for students to understand and produce simple to more complex Spanish in written and spoken forms.


$40 NCEA Level 1 resource book, Education Perfect for Languages (includes Grammar)


Native Spanish speaker wanting to gain NCEA credits, OR Language students in Years 12 or 13, who would have completed at least 3 years of study of another language and gained NCEA Level 1 or higher in that language. The student may also continue studying their current language.



NB: All courses offered are subject to viable class numbers and staff availability.

Any Credits and Standards listed on courses are only a guideline.

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