Level 3 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms L. Jamieson

Internal Credits: 20            External Credits: 4

Music is a fundamental form of expression, both personal and cultural. Standards offered include Performance (Solo, Group, 2nd Instrument), Composition, Arrangement, Aural, Harmonic and Tonal Analysis, Music Research, Music Technology. All performances are assessed in front of an audience and requires the presentation of music programmes that include 2 or more pieces per performance.  


$50 - Covers field trips / specialist tutors


Performance experience on an instrument of your choice (voice is an instrument) at a level consistent with four years prior study.  Lessons in the Itinerant scheme or a pre-approved private Music teacher must be taken for the duration of this course. Level 2 NCEA Music is required. All students must be members of a school Music performance group. 


NB: All courses offered are subject to viable class numbers and staff availability.

Any Credits and Standards listed on courses are only a guideline.