Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

Internally assessed by University of Waikato : 80% essays and tests; 20% participation

This is an introductory applied ethics paper and you will study a wide range of issues, including: Justice; Environmental Ethics; Human/Children rights; Religion and Ethics; Health Care; Abortion and Euthanasia. All these are studied in reference to current controversies. 

NB:  Students who enrol in the Ethics paper are still expected to attend all Religious Education classes.  This course runs from March – June and students will be expected to use their study time to complete assignments.

 *If a student receives a Merit Endorsement or higher at Level 2, they are eligible for the student scholarship which covers all course costs.



$750 approx or Scholarship


To enrol in this course you must meet the Literacy and Numeracy criteria for entrance to University i.e. 10 Level 1 or higher Maths credits, 5 Level 2 Reading credits, 5 Level 2 Writing credits and have gained at least 14 credits in one approved subject at NCEA Level 2 or above.


NB: All courses offered are subject to viable class numbers and staff availability.

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